June 22, 2014

Seeing the Fault In Our Stars

Today I went to the first screening of the Fault In Our Stars in the Netherlands and let me tell you: it was a real experience. I had no idea what to really expect since I evaded everything about the movie. But it was so true to the book and so wonderful and so terrible and I have never cried so much because of a movie and I also have never heard people cry so much because of a movie.

pretty much me throughout the movie
Now I want to go watch it again... and again... and again.


  1. My review for the film goes live next week and, while it produced a few tears, it wasn't nearly as sad as I thought it would be. I hope you get to go see it again! :)

    1. For me the prospect of the ending was just tearing me up. I knew what was going to happen and I just didn't want it to happen. I just wanted them to stay in their happy days. Excited to read your review :)



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