June 14, 2014

I am soo mad (gender roles)

I work in a supermarket and today a little boy and his grandma were doing groceries. The grandmother let the son pick out a small book to take home. The little boy ran to the checkout with Dora Princess Adventures to which the grandmother replied: 'You are not a girl'. She refused to pay for the book because of she believes only girls can read that. The boy were very sad, because he didn't get the book he truly wanted.

I hate narrow minded people who think a Dora Princess book is only for girls! And the way she said it to the boy: "You're supposed to be a man, not a sissy." Ugh. If the boy wants to read about princesses, let him read about princesses!


  1. "If the boy wants to read about princesses, let him read about princesses!" THIS.
    Poor boy. Hopefully his parents are not like his grandma...

  2. Omg. My angeerrrr is going crazy right now! ><

    1. I really felt like yelling at the woman, but since I was working and had to think about customer service and all I just let her pay and quickly moved on to the next customer :/ (I didn't wish her a good day though, like I normally tell my customers!)



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