May 28, 2014

Just One Year by Gayle Forman (review)

Title: Just OneYear
Author: Gayle Forman
Release date: October 10, 2013
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Genre: YA, Romance
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When he opens his eyes, Willem doesn’t know where in the world he is—Prague or Dubrovnik or back in Amsterdam. All he knows is that he is once again alone, and that he needs to find a girl named Lulu. They shared one magical day in Paris, and something about that day—that girl—makes Willem wonder if they aren’t fated to be together. He travels all over the world, from Mexico to India, hoping to reconnect with her. But as months go by and Lulu remains elusive, Willem starts to question if the hand of fate is as strong as he’d thought...

Can I say the sequel let me down? Yes, I can. So... I was expecting something completely different here. You get this major cliffhanger and all you want to know is how the story ends. AND YOU DON'T GET THAT. AND THAT MAKES ME ANGRY.

The book is told completely from Willem's perspective and starts the morning he disappears from Paris. Many questions get answered in those first chapters. Then basically there are a lot of chapters with information and characters that seem irrelevant and I admit I skipped through it a bit, because I wanted to know how the storyline of the first book continued. When I had read about two-third, I started to wonder if I would ever get to the ending of the first book and it never really did. To be honest, that's all I can really say about this book and there not much more to say. The whole book is just about Willem traveling for a year while Lulu is in the back of his head.

My questions of the first book are still not answered and I don't think they ever will. So yes, this book let me down a lot. Two and a half sad hearts :(


  1. I actually really wanted to read this series but then a lot of people are saying that the ending is kind of disappointing. And I NEED that bow that ties everything up at the end. I still really want to read If I Stay before the movie comes out though!

  2. I was REALLY disappointed with the ending :( so yeah, if you don't like open endings, don't read it, because you really don't get any closure. AND READ IF I STAY IT IS GREAT OKAY



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