April 24, 2014

LGBT Month: Letting Go by Jeanette Grey (review)

Title: Letting Go
Author: Jeanette Grey
Release date: June 1, 2011
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC
Genre: LGBT / M/M romance, Short stories (68 pages)
Buy On: Amazon | Dreamspinner Press
Between taking care of his dying father and putting himself through college, David Mackenzie is approaching his breaking point. A twenty-year-old virgin, he doesn’t have the time or energy to date or socialize. When his father agrees to try medicinal marijuana as a treatment option, David meets an attractive, outgoing young man named Zev, who becomes the friend David never realized he needed. David’s father is nearing the end of his life, and Zev is becoming far more than a shoulder to lean on — he might be David’s first opportunity to embrace life and let go.

This is a fairly short read, but with 68 pages I still think it has a good story. David has been taking care of his dying father for a long time and knows his father won't have too long to live. His dad wants to try out medicinal marijuana and David has to be the one to buy it. Behind the counter is a young man called Zev. David keeps coming back more often to meet up with Zev and the two really bond. Then things start getting worse with David's father and he starts to isolate himself and Zev doesn't hear anything from him for a couple of days.

I think this story has a positive message and that's what I liked about it. Almost all of David's teenage life has been about his father and he has never taken a moment for himself or for something like romance. At twenty he never had any real experiences with a man until Zev comes along.

A small thing that annoyed me was that after a very traumatic experience and at a moment that David was in a dark place, David and Zev decide to engage in a sexual activity and that is for me a bit unbelievable. I get that David wants to feel loved, but for a virgin to do something like that in a grim situation is just a bit outlandish, for me at least.

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