March 23, 2014

Blogthings: The Bookshelf Test

I have to say I absolutely love Blogthings. Their quizzes are so fun and a great way to spend some mindless time on the internet (and quite of the outcomes are so true, scary actually!)

Your Bookshelf is Impressive

 You collect books because you can't imagine doing anything else. You've never met anyone who loves books as much as you do.
It's hard for you to resist almost any book. Sure, you prefer good ones, but you've acquired plenty of weird and mediocre and just plain bad books too.

Your favorite book tends to be the one that you just finished reading. And with you, that can change on a weekly (or even daily) basis.
You read for all sorts of reasons - to relax, to learn, to grow, to laugh. You have books for every occasion and craving.

Your book collection is completely out of control and impossible to organize. You have books in every single room of the house.
You're constantly borrowing, lending, buying, selling, and trading books. You love to share the joy of reading with everyone you know.

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